Our Mission Statement
We exist to help you find your way home!

Our Purpose Statement
Our purpose is to glorify God and to help others do the same.

Our Core Values
Core values are principles that guide our lives, ministries, and church. These nonnegotiable priorities are not preferences that change with attitudes and circumstances, but help hold us steady in turbulent times.

  1. A Right Relationship With God
    If our relationship is not right with the Lord, then all our other values and relationships lose their effectiveness. By worshiping our wonderful Savior at Church and at home, praying daily, and by spending time in His Word (the Bible) are three key ways of keeping our relationship strong with God. God does not want our leftovers. He wants to be the Lord of our lives and our Church.
  2. Family Is Priority
    God’s first institution in Scripture is the family. Since God values the family, we must too. Everything that we do as a Church must be to bring families together and to strengthen the relationships within the family. Additionally, we recognize that the Church is also a family of believers in Christ. Therefore, we must be willing to affirm, help, encourage, and comfort each other.
  3. Ministry is Joint Ownership
    According to Ephesians 4:11-12, the purpose of the church is to equip, train, and inspire the membership for ministry. God has a place of ministry for everyone in the Church. All believers have been gifted with undeniable spiritual gifts that enable them to serve the Lord and His people effectively (Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 12).
  4. Right Attitudes Are Vital
    Servanthood was the key attitude of Jesus Christ. He willingly, joyfully, and sacrificially served others. Even when persecuted, Jesus never spoke with anger or malice. Since believers are children of God, they must possess Christ-like attitudes. We will look for the good in everyone and always expect the best in everything.
  5. We Care About Our Community
    People are attracted to love and compassion; therefore, our Church will strive to make friends with those in our community so that we might have the opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. People do not care how much truth that you know; they want to know how much you care.